Master Your Money

Master Your Money is a ministry of Ron Blue. Ron Blue is uniquely suited to be a voice of clarity and confidence for your financial decisions. With more than forty years of experience in the financial services industry and having authored more than 15 books on personal finance from a biblical perspective, Ron speaks with experience, integrity, and perspective. His insight into financial decision-making is grounded in biblical wisdom and has been tested over time in the lives of thousands he has touched.

We know that our money is more than just money. Our money is a reflecting pool that shows us our own dreams and our own fears. It is also a reflecting pool that shows us God’s provision and His guidance in our lives.

Ron Blue utilizes a system of "buckets" to help people control their money. Our web site has a series of videos that help people learn more about the 11 buckets that form the core of financial freedom.

At, our goal is to apply Ron Blue's lifetime of trusted, biblical financial counsel to your specific financial questions. You will find answers to questions as well as perspective for decision-making as you browse the site and enjoy the videos that are available.

Please visit our web site for more information.

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