Roll Call

Roll Call from By the Book is an offline program that combines several options: church directory, contact manager, donations, visitation, check in, attendance, and groups management. One unique feature is the ability to do background checks directly from the software.

It is a fairly easy program to use and offers several features that make entering information simple.

"By the Book has been providing software solutions for churches and ministries since 1991. Roll Call, church management software, is an integrated software solution for your church. It combines membership, contributions, attendance, directories, and group involvement functionality in one package. It is extremely easy to use, yet flexible enough to meet your specific needs. Roll Call can run on Windows, Macs or on a combination of both on a network.

In 2005 child check in functionality was added to help increase security in your children’s check in area. Check students in with a bar code scan, finger print scan, enter their last name, or last 4 digits of their phone number. Once they are checked in, attendance is automatically recorded and name tags and security labels can be printed. Run attendance reports to determine who has checked in for each class. Improve your follow up by determining who hasn’t attended in so many weeks.

Hosting services are available as well. By the Book can host your Roll Call Server in a secure state of the art data center. This gives your church the flexibility to use Roll Call on any computer that Roll Call Client installed and that has access to the internet.
Roll Call church software is packed full of features to save you time and help you do ministry. It allows you to:

  • Implement a centralized church database

  • Easily communicate with your church via letters, email or texts

  • Understand how people are involved in your church

  • Find those folks who haven't attended in a while

  • Find folks with certain skills, talents or volunteer interests

  • Easily communicate with your 1st, 2nd and 3rd time visitors

  • Quickly record contributions to your church

  • Create year end giving statements to comply with IRS

  • Easily report on contribution levels to your pastor, elders, board members

  • Track pledge progress

  • Save money by printing directories in-house

  • Keep your kids safe by using the church check in software"

Visit their web site for more information.

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