The mission of SeekerWorks is "to provide excellent software, web and other information technology services that free up churches to reach spiritually seeking people."

"SeekerWorks began with Community Church Of The Rockies (CCR) in Colorado Springs in 2001. It has expanded a lot since then with Daniel's experience as Volunteer Resources Director, a small group leader, coach and director and church elder/treasurer. With strong encouragement from CCR and other churches, SeekerWorks has become a superior product. It is our hope it will in fact free you up to reach those who need Christ."

Here are a few of my thoughts about the trial version of SeekerWorks:

  • The payroll feature offer full functionality including withholding information.

  • There is a budget feature – something not offered in every church management software package. Many simply let you track donations. They don't help you with budgeting.

  • People can submit prayer requests and make them public or for the staff's eyes only.

  • You can track spiritual gifts. Search for people with a specific gift when you have a need to be filled.

  • Track attendance numbers, track donations and pledges, create a church calendar, utilize the library function, and print labels for check-ins.

  • Create email or print labels to help you keep connected with individuals, groups, or the entire congregation.

  • Create to-do lists that give reminders to help you stay on track.

Overall, SeekerWorks is a good choice for your church management software. I still like ACS Technologies and AMP Fusion (see above) better. But SeekerWorks is worth considering for your church.

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