"Here at SmartDox, we feel that every believer should be empowered to do the work of the ministry. The iChurch church management suite empowers its' users to manage their involvement in their church, whether that be leading a home group or Sunday school class or connecting with the new people in their church.

iChurch is very flexible and yet is still easy to use. It keeps things simple for its’ users by only showing options which are relevant to them. For example, there may be hundreds or even thousands of teams within a church but their involvement may be limited to a handful of these. Only these teams would be listed in their options.

The miChurch member portal is a web-based application which members use to download their small group study and record attendance, follow-up new people and record comments or even view and print their giving statements.

iChurch has a mobile application which allows pastors to look up people's details and use Google Maps to navigate to their home.

The iChurch Check-in System is used to securely check-in and, optionally, check-out children into regular and one-time events. Stickers that print from the system contain icons for a recent birthday, an extended absence and allergies. The barcode from any store card in the parent's wallet or purse can be used to quickly identify them using a barcode scanner.

Attendance is a good indicator of a person's involvement. iChurch uses every piece of attendance information available to it. This includes small group attendance, weekend giving and even the parent's attendance when they drop off their children at Sunday school."

Visit their web site for more information.

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