Easy Fundraisers

This page is devoted to easy fundraisers.

Let's face it. Many church fundraisers require a lot of work. You have to do all the prep work. Then there comes training for your group. Then you have to collect orders and place them with the company. Then you get the product and distribute it to group members who then pass them out to customers and collect money. Finally, money has to be gathered together and mailed in to the company.

That's a lot of work. It can be profitable. But what if you don't have the time or energy to do all of that?

Try some of these easy fundraisers:

  • Car wash. Pick a date. Get a couple hoses and a few buckets. Add some dishwashing detergent and some energetic teenagers and you have a fundraiser. I'd recommend that you do the car wash in a parking lot that sits next to a main street. Make a couple signs and have kids stand out by the road holding the signs.
  • Discount cards. Order cards that offer discounts at area restaurants – you don't even have to get the restaurants to help – the fundraising company does it for you. Buy the number of cards you think you will sell. Then simply approach people, tell them about what you're raising money for, and ask them if they want to get discounts at area restaurants.Check out the details here.
  • Sell flowers in your church. Take orders a few weeks before Valentines Day for roses; a few weeks before Easter for lilies; and a few weeks before Christmas for poinsettias. Buy the appropriate number of flowers and hand them out at church.
  • Kidnap the pastor. Planning for and doing this easy fundraiser will take no more than 90 minutes. Take 45 minutes to plan: ask someone other than the pastor to preach on a given Sunday; ask the pastor in advance if it is ok. Then take another 45 minutes to pull off the prank. On the Sunday of your choice, have several people storm the stage and tie the hands of and blindfold the pastor. Lead him out for the remainder of the service. Then have someone announce that the pastor will be returned when the ransom is paid. Tell them what you are raising money for and then take an offering. Release your pastor at the end of the service.
  • Movie night. Pick a date. Sell tickets to raise money for your project. Play the movie at the time of your choosing.
  • Karaoke night. Get a karaoke machine, set a date and time, then charge each person who wants to sing a song.
  • Pay for A's and B's. Have students get sponsors who will pay a dollar amount for each A and a smaller amount for each B on their report card.
  • Printer cartridge recycling. Companies like FreeRecycling.com will pay cash for used cartridges.
  • Cell phone recycling. There are companies that will pay you for sending them used cell phones. The price they pay varies depending on what cell phone you have. Collect cell phones and then go to SellCell.com. Follow the instructions on the site. This is one of the easy fundraisers.
  • 50/50 raffle. Sell raffle tickets for a set price. Take a couple weeks to do this. Make sure everyone knows why you are raising funds. Then, on a chosen day, draw a ticket. The winner receives 50% of the money brought in. If you want more profit, you could also do a 60/40 or other raffle.

Easy Fundraisers Conclusion

Want to get more involved in your church fundraiser? Here are a few ideas:

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